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Explore this space in Matterport

Explore this space in Google Street View



Thanks to everyone who participated in the Matterport to Google Street View public beta. Your feedback has been very valuable in development. We have some exciting new improvements soon based on your suggestions. Watch for these in the next few weeks:

  • Clearly show which Google Place ID you are publishing to

  • Choice of which 360º images to show in your Google My Business listing

  • Account level control for admins

  • 360º Views included in publishing (if you place them in Capture or Workshop)

  • More details on all of these later in this blog post!

With these changes, we feel confident about exiting the public beta and making this a generally available, fully-supported feature. Starting on October 1st, 2018, every space you publish from Matterport will cost US $14.99 (€15 or £13). This is a one-time fee per space. You can publish, edit, delete, and republish the same space (unique space SID) unlimited times at no extra cost.

Publishing to Google Street View is billed a-la-carte, similar to Schematic Floor Plans and Matterpak Bundles. This means that any publishes you make in the current month will appear in the bill you receive next month. For example, any spaces you publish in October 2018 will appear in the bill on November 1st, 2018.

We are excited about making this integration a fully-supported, publicly available feature to all Matterport users. However, this is not the end of the journey. Please continue to send us feedback so we can improve the experience for both you and every client you serve.

Happy publishing!

Product Manager, Matterport


Exciting Product Details

Watch for these updates in mid to late September 2018. You’ll be able to try these out for free before October 1st, 2018.

Clearly show the Google Place ID

Connecting a Place ID is super-important! We’re making the following UX changes to make sure you have the correct Place ID:

  • Super-clear to know whether a Google Place ID has been properly set or not

  • Easier to find a given Place ID and connect to it

Without a Place ID, your images may not appear on the “Google My Business Listing” page, and users may have a hard time finding your imagery. These changes hope to prevent this.


Select which images to add to your Google My Business listing

The publishing process will upload all of your 360º images to Google. This includes:

  • All 3D scans in the virtual tour, plus their links/connections

  • 360º Views you have placed in the Capture app or in the new Workshop (coming soon)

    • Unplaced 360º Views will not be uploaded

However, you can also choose a subset of these 360º images to appear in your Google My Business listing (connect directly to your Google Place ID). This is so your listing only shows the best 360s and doesn't flood the list with less-interesting 360s like a hallway. You can choose:

  • All scan points

    • All 360º images in the tour.

    • Best for small spaces with few scan positions.

    • May flood the listing with too many images.

  • Only 360ºs in the Highlight Reel

    • First, create a Highlight Reel in Workshop. Then select this option when publishing.

    • Only 360ºs in your Matterport Highlight Reel will appear in your Google My Business listing.

    • Great for spaces of any size where you only want to show a few, curated images.

  • Single 360º Image

    • Only your starting position from Matterport will be added to your Google My Business listing.

    • Great for maximum control. Allows you to have a single “point of entry” for users.

    • With just one 360º image, it might get lost in shuffle among other user-generated content (other 2D or 360º images) about this business.


Account level control for publishing

  • Just like Schematic Floor Plans and MatterPak Bundles, account administrators can enable or disable publishing across the organization’s Matterport account. This is so users who are not admins can’t publish spaces without appropriate approval.

  • Publishing is enabled at the account level by default.


Include your placed 360º Views when publishing

  • 360º Views that you have placed in the Capture app or in the new Workshop (coming soon) will be included when publishing.

  • Great for including that outdoor, storefront view in addition to the store’s interior.

  • By far the most requested feature during this public beta!


Additional details

  • Matterport has no control over where your images will appear in search results.

  • Third party users can also add their own content to Google My Business Listings.

  • Matterport has no control over 3rd party user generated content.  

  • More information about Google My Business listings

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