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  • #APARTMENTS.COM[ boosted on-page engagement by 300% by including Matterport 3D Showcase on their listing pages.
  • #NICK WARREN, CEOWe handle a lot of international and relocation business and being able to do a "virtual" showing prior to someone traveling here is priceless. It certainly puts us far ahead of our competition!
  • #WILLIAM PLATO[With Matterport] we are now able to capture construction conditions for documentation and as-built conditions. This allows us to manage a single le and share that information out as needed as opposed to managing 300,000+ individual photographs.
  • #MATTHEW J. LEONE, CMOAs one of Matterport’s first corporate partners, we pride ourselves in promoting to our agents the true value of transparency on the search experience that that 3D Walkthroughs provide as well as the time on site increase of up to 10x longer with the technology embedded on the listing page. We look forward to the next stage of working with Matterport and Virtual Reality!
  • #JOSH ALTMAN, THE ALTMAN BROSWhen we first saw Matterport last fall, we knew it would be a game changer for us. Today, we’re definitely winning more listings with Matterport’s technology. Our prospective clients are absolutely stunned! Matterport provides the most realistic sense of actually walking through a property online, and is the ideal platform to attract busy and out-of-town buyers. We see this becoming an essential part of every property listing in the near future.
  • #BEN HIRSH, BrokerI have always been at the forefront of any technology that enables me to better market my client’s homes. This quantum leap in technology allows me to walk-through my listings with potential buyers online from anywhere in the world. In fact, the very first home that I created a Matterport 3D model for has since gone under contract to a buyer outside the country, who was able to virtually walk through the home from the other side of the globe.
  • #KENDYL YOUNG, RealtorTraditional photography or a flat floor plan can't tell the story of how you live in a multi-story home. The doll house view, elevator tool and ability to ‘walk’ through the home is critical to a true understanding of the home's value to the individual.
  • #MICHAEL WOODLEYNot only has [Matterport] helped elevate me above competing agents in listing appointments, it has allowed me to get clients more money for their homes. I am able to give a higher number of potential buyers realistic access to the home, ultimately bringing sellers more offers and higher prices for their home than they would get without the extensive reach of the Matterport 3D home tour.
  • #CAVAN HADLEYThe realtors who take part in [Matterport] will be leading the charge - the rest will follow.
  • #CARLOS HERNANDEZ, Tour It Now Inc.Matterport is the future, this is how to show and see any property. Pictures don't do justice, video provides no control. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Matterport 3D showcase leaves you speechless.
  • #ANDREW BROEREN, FOUNDER, REALLYTHERE provides 3D Interactive Tours (powered by Matterport), that allows an immersive customer experience, something that is engaging and fascinating. A way to stop, look, understand and feel how that space would be work as if you are really there! It has become a powerful sales tool for agents and brokers to reach audiences in a way never before possible.
  • #ADDIE HALL​Houston is a city fueled by international diversity. Many of our clients who are relocating begin their home search from overseas, and our Matterport 3D tours create a high level of confidence for these remote buyers. ​ The home tours are so realistic that we have sold multiple homes sight-unseen. Having this technology in-house really sets us apart from our competition.
  • #PHILIP WEINGROWMy sales team has been delighted with the public’s response to Matterport’s 3D Showcase. Our agents have won listings away from the competition.
  • #PATRICK BALTAZART[The Matterport Pro Camera] does in a few hours what we cannot do in one week.
  • #DAVID HUMES, AGENTSent [my customers] the Matterport link and…they were blown away.
  • #MATTHEW MCKENNA, AGENTWe haven’t lost a single listing since we started including Matterport in our listing presentation.
  • #PAUL MORRISON, RE/MAXMatterport 3D Showcase separates me from all the real estate agents in the area that don't offer Matterport and when I’m up against some of the few agents that do, I know I have nothing to worry about. Incredible technology and worth every penny!!
  • #VICKY SANTANA, LEAD AGENTMatterport is a listings closer. [It] also brings in buyers. I created a Matterport tour for a listing and received a full-price offer, sight unseen, within 24 hours of it being posted to the MLS.
  • #ZHANN JOCHINKE, CEOOur time on site is awesome. We’ve gone from under 1 minute to over 4 minutes since introducing Matterport to our current website...during my tenor in NYC our site time on site goal was 1 minute, and by adding video tours we were achieving only about 45 seconds, which was less than the actual video length – Matterport brings things to a whole new level.
  • #Amanda Todd, AgentThanks to Matterport, I just sold an $8m home for full price in cash.
  • #Gina Howarth, RE/MAXWith Matterport, I improved my listing appointment conversion from 60% to 95% and reduced days on market by 56%.
  • # Kevin Powell, Head of Digital Marketing Matterport brings us the opportunity to produce a physical space in very high quality VR. Creating a 360-degree model not only shows what a property looks like but also gives our clients a sense of volume and flow. It is a great way of connecting our clients to a property. Our agents travel worldwide with headsets loaded with properties from our residential and commercial businesses. VR models of the open-plan living spaces at Television Centre in White City, formally the home of the BBC, have given our potential buyers in Dubai first hand immersive experiences. VR is a great step forward in this rapidly moving sector, it allows us to enhance our personal service across all our offerings.
  • # Mike Shrubshall, Managing Director - Cardiff We brought in the tech because of the potential changes happening within the industry, we knew that the market place would be getting harder so we wanted to give our clients the edge by showing off their properties making them stand out more than the competition. I have seen the examples being used from other companies on 1m + estates but I wanted to take the tech and roll it out across the board, from £500 rental flats to £500,000 houses. The results from a client perspective is that they love them! From our perspective is that it has not only created more, demand, more enquires, but enabled us to do more lets and sales in less time but for more money! It has also been a very useful business generation tool, our conversion has always been good but this has just added an extra 10 percent, where as we had 85 % we are now at 95%. We will continue to invest in the new technology and lead the way so that when our competitors catch up we are already onto the next thing.
  • # Peter Burnham, Managing Director Matterport technology has been a key addition to our property marketing services. Accessible across multiple platforms including PC, mobile, tablet and in virtual reality, the technology is far superior to anything else we have seen and it has enabled us to capture and showcase very effective virtual tours. Our clients have been very receptive of the technology, as it provides such detailed and vivid tours of properties. The process makes fully immersive virtual tours more accessible, and provides transparent, accurate real-world representations of properties for our clients.
  • # Alexander Dahlbacka, Co-Owner The Swedish real estate market is loving the Matterport tours. Since we introduced the technology here in 2015, we’ve helped almost every real estate franchise reach a larger audience and we believe this will be a market standard listing service in the near future.