End-to-End Simplicity

Automated, high-quality reality capture and distribution at the push of a button

The Essentials

Scan a Space

Scan any place with the push-button simple Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Scanning is lightning-fast, incredibly easy, and fully automated.

Upload to Cloud

Upload your scans to the cloud, where powerful algorithms process your data. In a few hours your Matterport Space is ready to be accessed from anywhere.

Share and Engage

It's easy to distribute your beautiful, fully immersive Matterport Space. Embed it like a video or provide a link. No downloads or plug-ins necessary!

Matterport Pro 3D Camera

Designed as a powerful tool that is unbelievably easy to use, the Matterport Pro 3D Camera collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes. We’ve focused on automation and ease of use to produce reliable results with little specialized training.

Our Pro 3D Camera has one button — ON

With the Matterport Capture app for iPad, the camera is push-button simple and easy for anyone to operate.


Simple push-button operation with a sleek iPad app


No special lighting or staging equipment necessary


Become an expert in minutes


Smart rotation captures interiors automatically


No complicated controls, muddled menus, or tricky software


Scan a typical property in under an hour

Built to take you farther

The portable 3D scanner that goes where you go.


At 6.5 lb (2.5 kg), the camera is lightweight and easy to carry


Models are processed and ready to use in a matter of hours


Internal WiFi doesn't require the internet while scanning


8 to 10 hours of battery life for scanning very large jobs

A real estate 3D camera built to take you farther

Always excellent quality

We know scheduling time to be on-site is tough. That’s why we’ve automated the process to get consistent, reliable results every time.


Automated rotation for consistent capture


HDR photography for automatically even exposure


Don't worry about aperture, shutter-speed, or white balance — the camera handles that for you


In-app help to ensure you're scanning correctly

A portable 3D scanner to consistently create excellent Spaces

Matterport Cloud

All the Matterport Spaces you capture are processed, organized, and hosted in Matterport Cloud for easy access wherever you are. Our tools are built to work with you.

Powerful, quick processing

Our advanced vision algorithms and powerful cloud computing work for you, delivering amazing results at amazing speeds.

Same-day delivery

Our cloud servers quickly process your scan data and put finished Matterport Spaces directly in your account.

No post-processing

Panoramas are automatically optimized for contrast and color balance. No photo editing skills required.

Consistent, high-quality results

We’ve considered and optimized everything so you can rely on a great Matterport Space every time.

Secure cloud hosting

We'll store your Matterport Spaces. You publish them anywhere. 3D scanning software has never been easier.

Control the privacy and distribution

Keep your Spaces private or make them publicly available to everyone.

Streamlined workflow management

Our tools are simple, elegant, and designed to work for you and your workflow.

Collaborate with clients

Share with coworkers and customers to get feedback every step of the way.

Get creative

Open Matterport Workshop to enhance your Spaces, guide your audience, and customize the experience for your visitors.

Create guided tours

Give your virtual visitors a lean-back experience and highlight key features.

Provide contact details

Give a description, address, and phone number right in 3D Showcase so visitors can reach out to you.

Take measurements

Dimensions are 99% accurate.

Label rooms

Call out bedrooms, kitchens, and bonus rooms.

Matterport Spaces

Matterport Spaces take you to the real world and beyond. Our immersive web player — 3D Showcase — is easy for anyone to use. Advanced users can export the 3D data to other applications for even more possibilities.


Embed it like a YouTube video - it’s that easy!


3D Showcase plays right in any desktop or mobile browser, without additional software or downloads


Intuitive navigation is as easy as a video game


Three immersive view modes provide a total understanding of a place


Curated guided tours offer a lean-back experience


MLS-friendly players

Take your immersive media experiences into the stratosphere with the Matterport VR app for Gear VR, Cardboard, and Daydream. You’ll feel like you’re defying gravity with amazing full-body immersion.

Learn more about Matterport VR


Easily convert your Matterport Spaces for use in virtual reality


Available across a range of VR headsets

What can you do with a complete digital copy of a real-world place? Anything! Your data has a range of applications, from taking measurements to understanding projects over time.


Dimensionally accurate to within 1% of reality


Access to high-resolution 2D images and downloadable 3D geometry


Generate dimensionally accurate Schematic Floor Plans


Future-proof data becomes more valuable over time

Amazing Dollhouse View for a house captured with a real estate 3D camera.

A new perspective

Use Dollhouse View to see a whole property at once.

Switch to Inside View to walk around like you’re actually there.

Change to Floorplan View for a traditional top-down perspective.

Dollhouse View

Inside View

Floorplan View

Why 3D?

We constantly experience things spatially. Our brains are constantly calculating distances, sizes, and volumes to understand the world around us.

Videos fall flat and aren't interactive. Instead, an interactive, immersive Matterport Space gives more than visuals — it gives users the feeling they're actually there.

Be anywhere, from everywhere

A 3D room scanner once required trained technicians and complicated software. Matterport has made it super easy with our real estate 3D camera and an embedded player that's as easy to share as a YouTube video — just copy and paste some simple code.

Your virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is an even more immersive way to experience your Matterport Spaces. Headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream have made VR accessible to anyone.

Matterport is one of the first companies to create an large, extensive, and engaging library of VR content.

Real estate agents, retailers, and newspapers are already realizing the potential of Matterport Spaces to drive sales and engage audiences.

Immersive content creators are on the frontier of the VR revolution. Strap in and prepare for take-off.