• Matterport Pro2 Lite Makes 3D Property Capture More Accessible

    Posted Feb. 20, 2018 by Mary Salmonsen

    Matterport has announced its most affordable True3D™ capture camera, the Pro2 Lite, which will offer the same high-quality 2D capture and 3D interactive walkthrough capture functionality as the Pro2 camera at just over half the cost. Unlike 360 panorama 3D capture, Matterport’s True3D™ capture creates fully immersive 3D “dollhouse” models of the properties and spaces that it captures, with smooth transitions between rooms.

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    California-based Matterport launches Pro2 Lite, its most affordable camera for True3D™ property capturing

    Posted Feb. 16, 2018

    Immersive 3D media technology company, Matterport recently announced the Pro2 Lite, its latest and most affordable camera. At $2,495, the Pro2 Lite makes the power of 3D technology more accessible than ever.

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  • Matterport hits $2,495 with the new Pro2 Lite

    Posted Feb. 15, 2018 by Sean Higgins

    These days, the price of 3D reality capture devices is dropping precipitously… and it shows no signs of stopping. The latest proof: Matterport has announced the Pro2 Lite, a version of its Pro2 HD reality capture device that brings the price down from $4k to $2.5k.

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    Technology should create solutions – not just noise

    Posted Feb. 14, 2018 by James Morris-Manuel

    At Matterport, we have worked with Google Street View, roOomy and Leica (to name a few) to enhance our product and bring a solution that our clients need. We’ve partnered with those who operate outside the property industry to bring innovation back in.

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  • How 3D Immersive Media is Helping Protect Against Property Damage

    Posted Jan. 22, 2018 by Bill Schmitt

    To protect against potential insurance losses, an increasing number of property owners are turning to 3D immersive media such as Matterport to more thoroughly document the condition of their assets before and after disaster strikes.

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    Matterport’s Immersive 3D VR Platform Gets Faster Space Capture And Google Street View Features

    Posted Jan. 12, 2018 by Dave Aubrey

    With the Google Street View publishing beta, Matterport users will easily be able to convert their Matterport 3D Space into an experience that can be exported and show up on Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View as panoramic photo tours, giving potential customers browsing the local area much more insight into the businesses in that area. And even the base process of creating a Matterport 3D Space will be easier than ever before, thanks to new firmware which speeds up the camera rotation, enabling the camera to scan 3D spaces in a fraction of the time it did previously.

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  • Virtual Stager RoOomy Teams with Matterport on Shoppable Content Site

    Posted Jan. 4, 2018 by Allison Zisko

    The enhanced virtual staging site will enable real estate customers and others to virtually walk through and furnish their homes or apartments, and click on links to purchase various items like lamps, dining chairs and side tables from retailers such as Wayfair, Amazon, Havertys and Houzz.

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    US: roOomy and Matterport announce collaboration to develop virtual staging within Matterport 3D spaces

    Posted Jan. 3, 2018 by Victoria Haviland

    The staging with allow Matterport customers to virtually furnish spaces including apartments and homes, will provide property managers and real estate agents the ability to display units, cost-effectively in a furnished state, and will enable renters and buyers to become more informed about their decisions during the search process.

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  • Matterport Team With RoOomy To Develop Virtual Housing Spaces

    Posted Dec. 22, 2017 by Rebecca Hills-Duty

    Matterport are working with roOomy to integrate Matterport’s existing immersive 3D platform with roOomy’s virtual staging technology to allow Matterport customers to virtually furnish spaces such as apartments or houses, to allow them to better visualize how the space will look as a home.

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    US’ Matterport’s innovative 3D reality capture technology helps protect valuable property investments

    Posted Dec. 18, 2017

    Emerging 3D reality capture technology is helping property owners protect against insurance losses, both before and after disaster strikes. Matterport, the immersive 3D media technology company based in Silicon Valley, is being called a "game changer" by professionals in the property claims market.

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  • Bringing Our Office to Life With Matterport Virtual Technology

    Posted Nov. 16, 2017 by Kelsey Hopson

    Just a couple years ago, this fully automated system wouldn’t have been anywhere near this fast, or affordable. Any person, through Matterport, can easily virtualize an environment through automated, high-quality panoramic captures. Once the panoramas are stitched together in Matterport's platform, users are able to explore a virtual environment in a web browser, mobile device, or even VR.

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    Matterport Expands 3D Reality Capture Platform In Greater China

    Posted Nov. 6, 2017 by Peter Graham

    Immersive media technology company Matterport, which is known for its professional-grade 360-degree cameras, has announced a new partnership today with Centaline Data Technology Limited and Centaline Property Agency Limited, a real estate agency based in China.

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