[Guide] Increase Engagement with Links in Mattertag™ Posts

Make your Matterport Spaces Fun and Interactive!

Add links to your Mattertag™ Posts to make your Matterport Spaces interactive​ and more connected​ with your other marketing efforts.

Links can direct your visitors to:

  • Read more ​about what they just saw
  • Respond to a call-to-action​ to increase engagement
  • Visit another​ Matterport Space that's related to this one

This white paper expands on these core benefits with ideas on how to engage your target market. Get some tips to jump-start your brainstorming and engage your target market.

Download the white paper to get inspired today.

Increase Engagement with Links in Mattertag​​ Posts

In this white paper, you'll learn...

Residential Real Estate

  • Art — See a painting they like and go to the artist’s web page​ to learn more about their background.
  • Shopping — See an appliance, furniture, or decoration and go to the product’s page​ on a shopping website and buy it​.
  • Related Spaces — Go to another Matterport Space​. For example, an unattached building such as a shed or another house in the same neighborhood.
  • and more!

Travel & Hospitality

  • Upsell — Link directly to the booking page for a suite so a potential customer can book it right away​.
  • History — Show current customers a Matterport Space of a premium suite or premium amenities​. Use a link within a Mattertag Post to give them a chance to upgrade.
  • Nearby Attractions — Direct them to a signup page so they can buy tickets for a tour of local attractions​.
  • and more!

Commercial Real Estate

  • Divide Large Properties — For very large properties that can’t be captured in 200 scans, divide the property into regions and scan independently. Then use links in Mattertag Posts to connect the regions together.
  • Show Different Layouts — Stage the same office in different layouts: empty, cubicles, open seating, and partitioned.
  • Flag Areas for Review — Assist in the annual facility review process​. Let a local photographer scan the space and send it to the corporate residential manager.


  • Connect to E-commerce — Put a link in a Mattertag Post to send them directly to that product page​ on your online store.


  • Create a Visual Punchlist — Highlight areas​ on the job site where changes are necessary. Link to tickets or documents with more information or for extended tracking.
  • Link to Extended Documentation — Place a Mattertag Post on new or complex systems. Then link to extended documentation​ such as plumbing certification or electrical compliance.


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