Schematic Floor Plans

Professional black-and-white floor plans, quickly and easily generated from almost any Matterport Space

Add even more value to your Matterport Spaces

Generate next-level immersive experiences and traditional marketing collateral at the same time.

  • Increase value

    Gain more from a Matterport Space you've already captured by ordering a Schematic Floor Plan.

  • Eliminate multiple site visits

    No need to hire an additional firm or return to the property to take measurements.

  • Save time

    Order with the push of a button. Your Schematic Floor Plan will be delivered within two business days.

Real Estate

While sellers are wowed by by the immersive virtual tour, they still expect you use traditional marketing methods like floor plans. Buyers (and especially new homeowners) have come to depend on floor plans to visualize the space. Floor plans are also great for offline use.

Schematic Floor Plans add to your marketing portfolio, create a complete listing presentation, acquire new sellers, engage more buyers, and ultimately lead to more sales.


Your clients already love your Matterport Spaces. Give them another reason to hire you by providing a quick and easy add-on to your existing photography packages.

Schematic Floor Plans are an easy way to grow your Matterport portfolio and make every job more profitable.

It’s easy to order

1) Login to and go to Account Settings to enable for your account.

2) Find the Matterport Space you want a floor plan for and click the "Get Schematic Floor Plan" button.

3) Set to Public if necessary, choose Metric or US (Imperial) units, and confirm your purchase.

4) Download your Schematic Floor Plan directly from when it's ready.

Only US $14.99 per Schematic Floor Plan (15€ or £13)

— Delivery within 2 business days

— Floor plans are delivered in a ZIP file that includes both PNG and PDFs.

— Each individual floor delivered in PNG format as a separate file

— All floors together are delivered in one PDF

— Rooms on the property that are not scanned will not be included in the area calculation on the floor plan.

— Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality.

— Spaces up to 10,000 ft² (929 m²) are US $14.99 (15€ or £13) . Spaces over 10,000 ft² (929 m²) and less than 25,000 ft² (2300 m²) are charged as two orders (US$29.98, 30€, or £26). Spaces over 25,000 ft² (2300 m²) are not supported.